Dear ______,

We are writing to ask for your help with an urgent hachnasas kallah mitzvah opportunity. The oldest daughter of close friends of ours has, baruch Hashem, just become a kallah, but the family has very limited resources to begin with, and virtually nothing to draw upon in order to make a wedding. We have decided on our own to try to raise money to help them, and we hope you will choose to participate in this important mitzvah.

In these difficult economic times, we understand that it's not easy to respond to every call for help. At the same time, seeing the desperate need of so many of our fellow Jews, it is hard for us all, as "rachamanim, b'nei rachamanim--merciful people, descended from merciful people," to sit idly by and do nothing. In addition, we are further motivated in our efforts in order to provide merit for the neshamah of my recently departed mother, Rivka bas Yaakov (Schwartz), who strove throughout her life to raise hachnasas kallah funds for families in need.

We trust you will make the decision that is right for you. Even the smallest amount will make a difference. If you can participate in any way, please send your check, made payable to Anytown Hachnasas Kallah Fund, to us using the enclosed self-addressed envelope.

With our best wishes for brachah and hatzlachah in everything,

Yosef and Rochel Schwartz


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