Torah study in general is the greatest source of merit for the departed soul, and Mishnah study is singled out as being particularly powerful. A full discussion of this topic can be found in The Neshamah Should Have an Aliyah, pp. 51-74. Here you'll find helpful resources to assist you in learning Torah and organizing Torah learning as a merit for a departed soul.

A handy little Excel spreadsheet that calculates how many mishnayos you need to learn each day in order to complete part or all of Shishah Sidrei Mishnah in time for a shloshim or yahrtzeit. Note: Microsoft Excel is required in order to use the Mishnayos Calculator.

Printable charts and reminder cards to organize the study of Mishnayos among a group of people

Guides and texts to show you exactly what to learn during shivah or on a yahrtzeit


A small selection of divrei Torah appropriate for the occasion of a siyum


A document template you can use to publish divrei Torah as a merit for a departed neshamah

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