Often, family and friends of the departed will divide Mishnayos to be learned for shivah, shloshim and/or the yahrtzeit.

These helpful charts in Hebrew or English list all masechtas in Shas and the number of perakim in each masechta to make it easy for people to sign up. You can also print the reminder cards to distribute to all participants.

   English Mishnah Chart

   Hebrew Mishnah Chart

   Mishnah Study Reminder Card

   Mishnah Chart Instructions

If, instead of organizing the Torah learning yourself, you would prefer to hire someone to do the learning, you can contact your local yeshiva or kollel. Alternatively, you can contact Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah by phone at 732-364-7029, by email at info@chevrahlomdeimishnah.org or online at www.chevrahlomdeimishnah.org.

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