We all know that Tefillah represents a fundamental part of Yiddishkeit yet it is something that is so often taken for granted. Chazal tell us that Tefillah is something that needs constant reinforcement.

There are many books on the subject that cover almost every area of Tefillah. We have highlighted some popular ones in each category:

Halachos of Tefillah
Gateway to Heaven – Rabbi Naftoli Hoffner
Guidelines: Tefillah - Rabbi Elozer Barclay

Hashkafah of Tefillah
The Art of Jewish Prayer - Rabbi Yitzchok Kirzner
Rav Schwab on Prayer
Rigshei Lev - Women and Tefillah

Explanation of Tefillah
Pathway to Prayer Series – Daily Tefillos, Shabbos Tefillos, Yom Tov Tefillos, Yomim Noraim Tefillos
Discovering Prayer – Rabbi Doniel Berger
The Shmonah Esrei – Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer
The Kaddish – Rabbi Nosson Scherman
Shemoneh Esrei - Rabbi Zev Leff

Inspirational Books on Tefillah
Praying with Fire – Rabbi Heshy Kleinman
Tefillas Chanah – Prayers for the Jewish Woman
One Hundred Brachos – Rabbi Moshe Galdberger

Children’s Books on Tefillah
The Artscroll Children’s Siddur
I Pray Every Day - Rabbi Zev Greenwald
Special Delivery - Rachel Stein


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